Raw materials

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Granulation is a key element of plastic processing, both for raw materials and recyclates. TC Bayer offers special core competence and long experience in the sector of Industrial machine & cutters, cutter hubs, connecting rods and die plates of reputable manufacturers or on demand - individualized & cost-efficient! We offer high-quality bimetal tools with solide carbide/titanium carbide tips as well as various Materials & Coatingsfor plastics producing industry of polymers, compounds (ABS, PBT, PET, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PA 6 etc.) and many other kinds of plastics, thermoplastics, rubber and recycling materials

Paper / Cardboard / Carton

Cutting of paper and cardboard requires precise cutting tools in the manufacturing process and robust knifes in the recycling process. As not each cutting process affords the same material properties for a knife, costs may drastically be decreased. TC Bayer delivers standardized and individualized tools/chamferings and spare parts to companies of paper and cardboard processing and recycling. We can give additional expertise to Materials & Coatings - one step further towards your individual and cost-efficient cutting tool!


Cutting and sawing of wood and wood products as well as the process of pelletizing demand for a variety of manifold tools and processes. The broad range of Materials & Coatings allow for customized specifications, but also standardized saw tooth thread designs and chamferings in all dimensions and shapes are individually implemented by TC Bayer cost-efficiently. We are a long-term partner of wood processing industry.


The processing of metals and their surfaces sets high requirements for a tool, because of hardness and abradion oft he cutting tool. For piercing and cutting, chamfering and milling of (stainless) steels, ceramics / hard metals, cast iron, various alloys, non-ferrous metals and compound materials offers TC Bayer HSS/solid carbide cutters as well as Chamfering tools. We look back on more than 25 years of experience in the sectors of chamfering & metal processing.


When drilling into hardest rock it comes down to high-quality and high durable tools and performance. High-quality tools assure prolongued tool life tomes and a smoother bore hole - at the same time enhanced drilling performance and, even more important, reduced costs and risks. TC Bayer offers Drill bits & Bits with highly durable cutting structure - for challenging drills also with PDC- or PCBN-bits. We expand our program continuously - Please test us with your specific request!

Textiles / Synthetic fibers

The processing of high-quality synthetic fibers and textiles with spinning, twirling or weaving techniques is a diverse field of activity. For mechanical manufacturing of synthetic fibers and textile products, TC Bayer offers machine parts and tools in high quality and from various Materials & Coatings. We craft samples for you readily: test us with your specific request - easy and cost-efficient.

Food / Feed

Chopping and separating of food through cutting or granulation is mostly applied in granulators (mills) or separators. A selection of possible forms of blades can be found in our Catalogs. TC Bayer additionally offers a broad range of possible forms and dimensions of blades and Materials & Coatings. We expand our program in the sector of separators continuously - Please test us with your specific request!

Building Materials

Building materials, binder, cements and aggregates are typical Raw materials that require shredding or granulation. Grinding, mixing, homogenization and pelletization are the typical work stages in this area, which we cover by offerings within our range of Products. We successfully work together with regional and national partners in the building sector as well as with demolition/recycling companies. We can give additional expertise to Materials & Coatings – one step further towards your individual and cost-efficient cutting tool!


Be part and participate in an enormously growing market with aspiring technologies and uncover new dimension of possibilities! TC Bayer offers a steadily growing network of partners and manufacturers in the 3D-Print sector. “Nothing is impossible?“ Exactly! Ask your question or tell us your individual problem and profit from our experts and partners – one step further towards future technology and cost reduction from one hand.
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User-friendly, individualized and cost-efficient - for your competetive advantage!

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