Products - Industrial & machine cutters

Besides our standard tools and services, we offer crafting of tools for various applications according to technical drawings.

Our offers include

Application areas
  • Hole blades
  • Blades with chamferings / folds
  • Concave blades
  • Convex blades
  • Rectangular blades
  • Circular blades / Crush cut blades
  • Pointed blades
  • Trapezoidal blades
  • Ripple blades
  • Tooth blades
  • Spike blades
  • Hook blades
  • Pelletizing knifes for underwater pelletizing (UWP)
  • Cutter hubs / Connecting rods (Mitnehmer) / Die plates
  • Circular blades for plastic processing
  • Crush cut knifes (circular blades)
  • Curved blades / Rotary blades
  • Machine knifes for metal processing
  • Machine knifes: special production according to drawing
  • Solid carbide knifes according to drawing
  • Knifes for wood, paper, cardboard and carton processing
  • Guide rails / Sliding rails
  • Accessories

We also offer various coatings for all kind of blades and give expertise.


TC Bayer crafts knifes, knife holder, die plates and connecting rods (Mitnehmer) of all suppliers – individualized according to drawing or sample and according to your individual material & coating!

One step further towards cost-effective cutting & granulation!


Circular blades for plastic processing are used in many industrial sectors like plastic manufacturing and recycling, rubber and packaging industry. Depending on application circular blades are made from tool steel, HSS or solid carbide. Curved blades / rotary blades are used in manufacturing and processing of plastic.

Cutting of metals with machine knifes is a chipless (also: “non-cutting“) shearing process that imply high forces and mechanical stress for the tool. Therefore machine knifes need to qulitatively withstand high strains. Folding tools are used for reshaping of metal sheets.

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