Products - Drill bits & Bits

Besides our standard tools and services, we offer crafting of tools for various applications according to technical drawings.

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TC Bayer and partners offer specialized and unsurpassed high-accuracy drilling equipment of superior ultra-hard materials:

  • Polycrystalline diamond composite – PDC
  • Polycrystalline cubic boric nitride composite – PCBN
  • Tungsten carbide – WC (TCI = tungsten carbide insert)
  • …and more!

The two hardest materials in general are diamond and cubic boric nitride (CBN). Hence, both materials offer unqiue cutting/drilling results with unbeatable performance and accuracy.

Polycrystalline Diamond Composite or Compact (PDCs) are crafted by layers of polycrystalline diamonds (PCDs) in combination with a layer of cemented carbide liner at high temperature and high pressure. PDCs are among the most rigid of all diamond tool materials. They possess highly durable cutter structure, unique abrasion resistance, moreover superior thermal stability and toughness in comparison to other materials. This results in extended bit life and uniformly smoother borehole - at the same time improved drilling performance and, even more important, reduced costs and risks.

One step further towards cost-effective drilling!

Increase your rate of penetration (ROP) for longer and faster runs and minimize strain on your bottom hole assembly (BHA)! PDC and PCBN drill bits offer unsurpassed levels of productivity for precision drilling as the top bits (“teeth“) of the following machines:

  • Oil field drilling machines
  • Tunnel boring machines
  • Coal drilling / Coal mining machines
  • Excavators / Diggers
  • Well drilling

…and many other mining / drilling machinery.

Please get more information and technichal details on PDC and PCBN from our experts.

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