Products - Materials & Coatings

Especially for cutting and drilling results it comes down for the correct tool, since every workpiece/material requires for its proper tool. Tool life and setup time significantly depend on material and quality of the tool, as not each cutting/granulation/drilling/chamfering process implies the same demands on material properties. Our expertise and broad range of alternative materials can help to reduce costs in your individual industrial process!

One step further towards cost-effective cutting & drilling!

TC Bayer and partners craft tools according to your specific request from a material that is most suitable and cost-efficient for your individual application.

We are proud to meet customers requirements for over 25 years with various grades of the following materials & coatings:

  • High-Speed Steels HSS
  • Solid carbides SC
  • Powder-metallurgic hard materials PM
  • Aluminum Al
  • Cobalt Co(5-20%)
  • Titanium Ti
  • Titanium nitride TiN
  • Titanium carbide TiC
  • Titanium carbonitride TiCN
  • Tungsten carbide WC (TCI = Tungsten carbide insert)
  • Titanium aluminum nitride TiAlN (Al content <50%)
  • Aluminium titanium nitride AITiN (Al content >50%)
  • Cermet composite of ceramic (cer) and metal (met)
  • Cubic boric nitride CBN
  • Polycrystalline CBN composite PCBN
  • Polycrystalline diamond composite PDC

Please test us with your specific request!

Would you like to realize technical drawings according to samples free of charge and material check free of charge as well as support and expertise? Please contact our experts!